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Thursday, September 01, 2005'♥

CONGRATS to WEILIAN.. Finally BEcome the ProjECT SUPERSTAR Le WOR.. Watched the show since starting.. and i can say KELLY is reali not bad too.. When He was Announced as the Winner I cried..duno lei veri touching wor.. I supported him the first time i heard him singing.. when he sang the korea song at one of the rounds.. tat time still wit him watching together.... haiz out of topic le.. hahaha

There goes to shows there..when there is a willing heart dreams can be fulfilled..

Didnt went anywhere today.. mummy went Thailand.. hmm so fast i oredi miss her naggings le.. and homecooked food is the best.. asked her to buy some LV stuff back for mi..haha she better do..

Asked baobei to look for weilian CD for mi..but its all out of stock so sian lor.. duhz.. no time to buy ma.. those who got dun sell fish lei.. hehe.. anyway tmr will be a super long day.. after work going cg..then rushed to ah ru's chalet.. will be staying overnight.. woo hoo.. sure veri veri tired de.. somemore sat still need to serve whole day lei..wow siong lei..

Read the COMEX fair on Straits TIMES...im so tempted to go..who wan to go?? booking starts now. haha most probably going on SUN coz its the onli free day i got after the baby's celebration.. i wanted to get a digital cam maybe? hahahah sure alot of ppl de..see how ba...

With Love, 11:05 PM

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