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Sunday, September 18, 2005'♥

Back from a day of walking...

Met Sufen ard 2.30 then we took 518 down to Orchard... hehe initially dun wan to spend money..but...... its so tempting... haha end up i bought a slipper from TANGS...a spag top from FOX... arghhhhhhhh we were walking the whole orchard..then i saw a top FROM MANGO..and the moment i saw it I LOVE IT... omg so nice..but too bad no size L liao..so we walked the whole orchard Mango to Mango.. oso cant find..damnit..and i ren ming le.. in the end nv buy lor..

Sufen bought a shrug from Isetan..and im realli happy to go shopping wit her.. coz she everytime refrain mi from buying things de..hehe.. tired liao so we went to Scotts Foodcourt for dinner..shit lor kanna cheated from the signboard..the food looks so good but its so little... a few pieces of beef for 6 bucks?? in order to not be pissed further.. we went to Haagen daz for desserts..guess wad we ate??

Yesh!!!! FoNDUE...woohoooooo...after the last time wit Koong.. finally this time got a chance le..its so last min.. and this time i cleverer le.. order one serving onli..and we share so its not tat bad.. yummy.. rich chocolate wit bananana wooohooo..(selyn wont be happy to hear tat) haha

So tired after whole day of walking..went home ard 8plus on the bus my dearest ah jin called mi.... and asked mi to do a secret mission for mi.. and my commission is A home deliverd Macdonald Chicken Macnugget.. wooohooo... and the person who got all the benefits is CINDY SEE.. where i shall not elaborate the details... anyway CINDY SEE oso got a set..and she got an extra cheseburger...first time lei.. got Macdonald delivery to my hse.. Tks ah jin for tat...he must be poor now...hehe... going to book in le..so pls take good care of urself wor...

Hao la..today veri tired le..tmr miting up the singlehood club.. and a EX member for chiiling out at MINDS cafe.... lol.. hope we enjoy ourselves.. yes i love A DATE WIT THE VAMPIRE 3...lolz.. this is gonna be a veri busy week.. GOd pls strengthen mi....

With Love, 9:50 PM

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