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Monday, August 01, 2005'♥

Monday blues faded away quite early today.. mainly coz i was too free in the office today.. Citra was back from her leave..There was Alicia, mi and a new girl.. so the usual work of two was divided into four.. we finished our work veri early..and there was realli nothing for us to do.. so mi and Alicia went to help Darina's dept of checking and stamping of the application of the new accounts... so it is the whole day just passed like these..

Geok Poh who is my supervisor requested to see mi today.. keep asking mi to tink over whether to stay here anot.. my answer was no haha.. coz when alicia is gone..onli left mi and citra..it will be so busy again.. anyway she passed mi the security tag today.. so i can go in and out of the office now without waiting for ppl to open the door for mi le..yeah..

Its pay day finally, msged Sandy and she told mi my cheque was wit her.. but i was so shocked tat she called mi from Great World City.. heard from them that there had been a great reshuffle in the staffs.. Agnes was transferred to FOX Seiyu.. Sandy to Great world, ting ting to Raffles City, Nur to our kids side..too bad im not tat..and bestina to be the first in-charge..dioaz.. wad a great change man.. anyway just now Agnes called mi and told mi tat she went down to Great World City to take some stuffs..and she collected my cheque for mi and she will help mi bank in tmr.. wow..so good of her man.. will find one day go and look for her de.. so i tink i will onli get my pay on wed..haiz..

Got home after work nv went anywhere.. too tired le ba..reached home and saw a letter on the table.. from ITE..tot its abt the Grad Ceremony.. but i didnt even expect tat its a letter from ITE stating tat i got the Certificate of Merit.. heard from Selyn she got it a few days ago.. i always tot i wont get it.. so i didn;t bother to go and open up letterbox just now.. hehe tats the onli thing which makes mi happy today..

i crossed my fingers and prayed tat its not true.. tat the thought will disappear from my mind...

With Love, 8:06 PM

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