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Sunday, August 28, 2005'♥

I have deleted the blog of mi and him.. after much consideration.. no pt keeping it...it will onli leave mi feeling worse...

Jerry told mi tat i potrayed the image of being veri busy..everytime talked to mi i like rushing to put down the phone..in msn oso..always not there.. is it?? i oso dunno lei..i nv realised it.. then Ryan told mi just now in msn the same thing.. diaoz... no la im not busy.. maybe im away watching tv all these.. and sometimes is i realli not in a good mood.. so i dun feel like chatting...as for the phone thing.. maybe im outside ba.. so veri noisy..cant hear...hahaha happy wit the explanation mr jerry??

Mum is nagging and nagging now.. so pek chek.. tink i have to get out of the house soon.. miting kelvin and we are going to the beach...yeah..so long nv go liao.... need to relax.. but i missed Sentosa more.. so long nv go there and have fun le.. working life simply sux... hao le hao le.. gtg early..if not monday blues monster will be here liao..

i missed mi jie.. i missed balaclavia... i missed lao chek.. i missed tupperware...i missed yong shun... i missed sec sch days... i missed batam..i missed ling...

With Love, 11:51 AM

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