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Tuesday, August 23, 2005'♥

Had a long chat wit Fab my lao chek yst nite.. thru skype.. oso the place where i knew him initially... time passes veri fast and he yst nite then tell mi he's going back Malaysia today haiz.. he is still him..always trying to make mi happy.. and he promise to go KL wit mi de.. haha hope he keep his words.. hope he will come back to SINGAPORE on SEP ba..hehe i will surely missed him de..

Work in Chai chee today,..hiaz i ver kelian de.. everytime have to work different places thur then go back TAMP de branch..coz here no staff ma..Chitra is back from NEW ZEALAND.. and can see tat she enjoyed her time wit her husband there.. we missed her so much man.. seems tat everyone is going on a holiday..haiz..

Waited for SElyn and we took the company bus to BEdok..was so shocked tat the bus actually go to City Hall too man.. so tmr next time when i wrk in chai chee i can take the bus to town for free lei.. We went to shop at NTUC can u imagine how long we spent there?? Bought Jap Curry decided to cook and bring it for lunch on thur and oso Selyn bought the miso soup hope its nice wor.. bought little things here and there and its oredi ten bucks le.. haha so power lei.. then we went to eat dim sum at one of stall there..nt bad but not as good as the hotel de..hehe

Going to take a day off on SEp 1 ba.. wanted to go back bishan to visit teachers.. and selyn wanted to take the cert.. oso i can visit the doctor too.. finally we both can go out le..shall enjoy ourselves ba..hopefully our off can be approved..lolz..

Sometimes the things are rite in front of u and u didnt even realise it until its not there anymore.. We always tend to overlook things and take it for granted...but when its not there anymore..u tend to missed it ...

With Love, 10:04 PM

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