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Sunday, August 14, 2005'♥

Borrowed a book from Yichun..coz i know i will be simply too bored during lunch time and at home.. wanted to kill off my time.. Its UNDOMESTC GODDESS from Sophie Kinsella.. also the author for the book shopaholic queen..

Nice book indeed..once i read it it just cant get off my hands man.. Abt a modern lady who is so stressed up wit work tat she dun have time for anything.. and she dunno even how to switch on an oven haha..then she ended up in a rich family and even becoming a housekeeper.. of coz in btw got intersting happen.. makes mi laugh like hell.. nice book to recommend.. poor yichun she just read until chp 2 and i snatched it from her.. intend to return her after Batam..but i oredi finished it liao.. duhz..

Im so bored at home.. so decided to play gunbound..the last time i logged in was 17/5 how long is it liao..hahaha and they totally changed the format..oh no.. kerin the pro is losing hahah..too long nv play liao..anyway she bukced up my skill another time hehe..

Mi jie chatted wit mi in the msn..and suddenly she jio mi out for movies..tats exactly wad i needed to get out of the house man..Thank GOD for cousins.. they asked u out at the rite time hahah.. wanted to go swimming but she dun wan.. duhz.. so i decided to bring back my swimwear to Batam and swim at the pool which is one of the facilities at her house.. lolz.. going to watch BEWITCHED... yeah.. dunno nice ma..

Saw some clothes online realli ncie.. and yst went JP oso saw some nice clothes.. pay day is still far away.. well anyway i shall not SPEND so much..decided to open up the SAYE account.. a fixed deposit acocunt..u cant take out the money onli after one yr or two yr.. i tink it will realli helped mi save.. if not is open another account and throw away the atm card...haha no matter wad i need to save...coz nov will be a time for vacation.. im getting out of this country no matter wad..hehe.. wit close frens or relatives ba.. so many ppl jio haven decided..dun feel like celebrating my bd anyway..so those who wanted to buy mi a present.. buy mi an air ticket ba..owell im tinking too mcuh le..

Oh ya didnt went out wit Kelvin coz he going back to work today.. OT lei.. like dat can earn 100 bucks more..coz tmr his bd he going to fetch mi from work and celebrate for him..owell wad shld i get for him??? lolz.. i missed baby charlotte.. hope her mummy will celebrate her one month bd..and im going to present the GOD MOTHER"S angpow hahaha..

Monday blues is on the way.. tmr monday liao..going to be a busy day.. we had decided to go SUNTEC for the steamboat buffet.. coz Birthday ger TUPPERWARE wants it..after so long of consideration.. and its going to be a place for memories...owell realise i haven been blogging abt him so much le.. coz come to think of it why shld i be so foolish always here crying making a big fuss..while he is enjoying his life.. or busy wit his stuff over there.. im just another transparent fren in his msn list.. duhz...

Wait for mi by pop corn..im coming..lolz..and i seriously miss my best pal..SELYN.. muacks..not to mention NELSON.. its a package..but one get one free..opppz..llolz..just jking..lol

With Love, 3:53 PM

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