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Thursday, July 07, 2005'♥

Yesh so fast and its Friday le.. been waiting for this day for so long.. coz sat is my off day yeah.. getting more used to working at KIDS le.. and AGNES is like my BIG MAMA.. today i work wit her and RAHIMA.. yesh so fun.. our main motive everyday is to hit the target $1000 bucks..and closing was like just use the magic clean and wipe mirror onli...heeeee..

Fitri, Aazard and a guy i forgot his name..came and look for mi after knwing i worked there...when they saw selyn at adults...they asked mi to join them at Coffee Bean after work..but in the end i nv went coz lazy to walk all the way there..Went to adult to wait for Selyn..just nice Uncle Brent treat them nuggets..so i had the share too..hehe

Monster is having some financial difficulties..and im realli helpless abt it..coz i cant help.. haiz..wad a shi bai gf...hope tat he will be able to get it through this difficulty.. tats his dream..and i dun wan his dream to be tarnished..but no matter wad decision he made i will always support him de..i love ya..

With Love, 11:40 PM

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