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Tuesday, July 26, 2005'♥

Its been long since i had the chance of rotting at home..the weather is super cold today.. and it makes mi wanted to cuddle in my bed even more...

Spent most of my time online today.. chatting in msn and surfing net.. aruging wit Jerry tat vouchers makes a better birthday gift than dinner..can u imagine we spent two hours talking abt all this crappy stuff?? haha.. its been long since we had a long chat..and he even compose a song for mi..so good sia..lolz..

And the worst u cant imagine is..i spent two hours in Harry Potter website..im so bored tat i went to play all the games there.. its a great website for fans like mi..and im so excited abt the movie in NOV..THE GOBLET OF FIRE..omg cant wait to watch it man..its a 2 1/2 hours show..tink it will be too short le ba.. hope tat the release day will fall on my bd..

Its onli been a day tat im not working..and im missing work oredi.. after all it have been every day of my life.. can u imagine ive been wrking 15 days non stop..gonna start my new job soon..and i realli hope tat i will be able to adapt to it...

Finally going out wit dodo tmr..its been way too long since i saw him.. ard 11 days ba..hehe.. i missed him..

With Love, 4:19 PM

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