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Tuesday, July 19, 2005'♥

Im super pissed off yst nite..dunno which idiot got my password..and go and delete off all my msn contacts.. super shocked..and whoever tat moron is...its super childish for tat person to do so.. i cursed u kanna bang by the car!!!! monster told mi he saw mi online...when i actually was working..damn asshole..so boliao de idiot...

Enough abt tat moron.. coz i wont get affected by tat asshole de.. anyway im going to quit my job le.. yst my agency called mi and gave mi a job offer.. working as an admin clerk in DBS TAMPINES... the pay is better and oso the working hours.. hope tat i can realli put wad i study into use.. its so difficult for mi to say tat im quitting to agnes.. maybe becoz now we are oredi lacking of manpower and oso im so closed to her now.. working wit her makes mi veri happy..and tat result in..i dun mind going back to work even its my off day...

But i finally told her..haiz.her face so sad..makes mi wanna cry man... but i haven confirm everything until later ba..coz im going down to the agency.. will missed wkin in FOX KIDS de..i tot of working part time too but dunno the working hours can match anot.. see how ba...

Guess wad all my statement of result is wit Selyn...actually suppose to go the agency at 11am// haha but in the end i postpone it.. she is working at 12 today..so maybe after work go wait for her ba.. Going to mit Mi Jie for lunch later at Suntec.. we are going for the porridge buffet wor... yippeee..then im going to shopp around at DOROTHY PERKINS and FOX ba..now got so much SALES man.. after tat going to the agency which is at Tanjiong Pagar.. haha heard from wawa tat Coffee Bean dunno until wad time is half price.. so i might go and have some..going to buy my chocolate gateau from Bengawan Solo later for my family tonite..hehe my saliva is dripping man...and there goes my off day....hope tat everything will turned out fine...

And oh Yes..all the best to monster's common test this week..hope he will score well and make the DODO"s family proud ...hehe..love ya

With Love, 10:11 AM

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