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Saturday, July 09, 2005'♥

Finally after one whole week of continuing working...tmr is my off Day le!!!..hehe but still i will go church.. after tat shld be miting my dodo ba..miss him sooooooo much..coz we oredi one week plus nv mit le.. nowadays we onli mit once a week.. NOT ENOUGH...i wan to see dodo everyday!! oopz paiseh let mi complain abit la.. realli miss him alot..

Well today Agnes my mama got mc so she nv came to work.. in the end citi have to come and relief mi when im having lunch.. she complain to mi abt witch.. oh..how long did i not mention this human liao.. anyway citi was veri not HAPPY with the WITCH..and she said she is going to resign later.. but in the end got a not i oso dunno..haiz if she resign more worse liao..super NOT ENOUGH ppl..whatever it is ..pls dun TRANSFER mi back can liao.. KIDS Is so peaceful...

Went for cg after work.. i was so sleepy tat i dun care abt my image and sleep like a PIG in the train.. we went to tiong bahru market and eat stingray..wooo soooo shiok..yes no pain no gain..so now sure GAIN WEIGHT de..haiz..

going to do my manicure tmr.. this time dunno paint wad colour liao..and im realli realli veri sleepy.. gtg le...

With Love, 12:01 AM

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