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Monday, June 27, 2005'♥

Was browsing through the friendster of my old classmates in ITE..times flies and we have graduated almost a month le.. everyone seems to be leading a different life.. so busy.. hope tat we will have a gathering soon.. i realli missed them..

I worked morning shift today.. witch work half morning..luckily onli see her for a few hours.. felt peace in my heart when she was not around.. things were ok..until SELYN told mi tat NELSON is sick..at first we tot he was joking or faking..but in the end the mum msged her say..they are calling the ambulance.. omg.. we were both like "SHOCK".. in the end manage to find out tat one of the blood vessel of his heart is blocked..and he went through the operation immediately..and now i tink he is in ICU.. SELYN is trying hard to fight back her tears.. she is strong.. but eventually she broke down.. passed her the tissue..tats the least i could help her now..

Eventually i oso cannot tahan liao.. was folding clothes and thinking back how i know NELSON all these.. he is so young.. I pray to GOD he will recover soon..and nothing will happen to him de..Indeed life is fragile..better live life to your fullest.. forgive and forget..

Monster called mi when he fnished sch.. he was sleeping in the bus..and he knocked the window of the bus.. my first reaction was..is the GLASS ok?? tink our MR MONSTER was kinda of shocked to hear tat.. lolz..he is so gong gong de.. but i loved it..haha..

Might visit NELSON later at nite wit SELYN..depends on the number of visitors allowed and the visiting hours..if not i shall accompany her to go tmr.. after all i worked afternoon shift.. SELYN u must be jian qiang ok..im always here for ya de...

With Love, 8:02 PM

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