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Thursday, June 02, 2005'♥

Indeed Life is Fragile.. Stay happy and do whatever u want while u can.. dun constraint and refrain urself.. be who you are...and do what u like..

Receive a phone call from Cindy while im on my way home.. She told mi her mum fainted this morning.. I was like.. stunned.. but thank God she is alright now.. She told mi abt her relationship with her two precious.. and i began to tot of mine too... haiz.. A decision like these is realli difficult to make.. I just hope one day.. we can see our two precious together in church.. Hey ger after hearing what u said, i reali feel like crying.. many things are happening in ur life.. and ur still here struggling.. I hope tat u can continue to be so positive.. and bear in mind WAwa and I are always here for u.. if there's anything i can help.. tell mi.. I love ya..

Went out with monster today.. watch Magardasca...oh whatever spelling is that.. its was hilarious.. and we had a good time laughing..but too bad its abit short.. but i still prefer Shrek 2...

For more details abt our adventure.. pls read OUR STORY.. im veri tired now.. seriously.. going to take offering message this Friday.. got discipleship on SAT.. Going for the second interview of the Danish MNC...my schedule is packed tmr again.. been going out everyday until veri late.. coz of all those bo liao interview..anyway im kinda of sian to work in an office now le.. should see how the interview goes on ba.. God I need you to strengthen me.. im realli realli veri veri tired.. i need a good rest..

With Love, 12:08 AM

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