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Saturday, June 25, 2005'♥

Had a great time working today.. maybe its because Fisah is the incharge these few days..the week just seems to passed veri fast.. stupid lor SUN have to see witch liao..and next week im STUCK WITH HER..Fisah told mi a shocking news today.. is tat SHE WILL BE TRANSFER to BUGIS starting from next month..which is a few days more..OH MAN!!! tats the WORST news ever.. stupid witch told her yst after the meeting..guess witch must be feeling damn shiok now rite?? Still so fake go and ask FISAH..so how are u feeling..will u be sad?? WTF..can she more FAKE?? hate this kind of hypocrite WOMAN..

Tink its time for mi to change job liao.. maybe i will tolerate one more month..but the mean time im looking for jobs.. hate this period of finding and going for interview.. wad to do..MONEY IS IMPORTANT..Hope to find an admin job this time round le.. just now saw KELINE..and she told mi she working as an admin asst.. its like so many working as admin.. if they can do it y not me?? decided to gif it a try and gain some experience..oso the pay would be higher i guess ba.. not confirm yet see how ba..

Im living in confusion now.. so confused abt so many tings.. relationship wise..as wad cindy blogged.. i need a book called.."Book for the dummies GF..100 ways to be an UNDERSTANDING GF"... anyone got this book can lend mi?? tks for the encouragements from all my dear frens.. i love u guys..

Tmr will be a better day... I guess....

With Love, 12:29 AM

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