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Wednesday, June 29, 2005'♥

Everyone has a past..its onli whether the past will make u to become a better person..or someone tat is worst.. Some ppl keep commiting the same mistake and never got to realise how many ppl they have hurt.. its so selfish for them to do so..yet times and times they nv learnt the lesson.. for me, i believe in karma.. wad goes around comes around.. i will sure wait till the day u get ur retribution de..

Today my past came to find mi.. a bad past...i was super angry wit a few ppl.. esp the victim whom i tried to help in the end she ruined it herself.. well all the best to ya.. i called martian and told him abt it..thank GOD he stood by my side.. my bodyguard.. well.. i hope i wont get to hear news of the past again...I dun wan to be involve in this kind of childish act liao.. GROW UP PLS!!!! MR PAST>>>

I cannot believed tat i worked my full shift just like dat..without a single complain.. haha and im not tired at all.. maybe becoz there wasnt alot of customers..and the ppl im working with is fine.. today can say is the last day of FISAH liao.. gave her a hug before she left.. haiz.. new in-charge comin in liao..hopefully not from GIODARNO again.. its being condemened le.. and our ANGELS gang are having lesser and lesser ppl liao..onli left mi, citi, selyn, brent and jocelyn liao.. we must be strong.. haha.. Adah and Aaron came and look for mi.. ya nice seeing them its been so long man.. and hope Aaron can come and worked wit mi.. Mr harry potter lei.. hehe..he is so cute....

Glad to hear tat MR NELSON have been transferred to the normal ward le.. tink he is still trying to act cute there.. and his neighbour is an OLD MAN..and our poor SELYN is soooooo tired these few days..can see from her gong gong face.. coz she need to work and travel to the hospital everyday..so MR NELSON when u discharge liao..know wad to do liao hor.. buy her something la... hahaha.. not LEVIS again pls....

Tmr going out wit Monster liao..finally the day has come.. i hope everthing turns out fine.. and we will enjoy ourself... will update u guys abt our adventure de...

With Love, 11:26 PM

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