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Thursday, June 23, 2005'♥

A day just passed by like this.. today had been not a bad day..initially dragging myself to work..

But everything went on fine.. Brent helped mi to buy drink today when he was out for break..after tat wanted to pay him back but he dun wan he say he treat mi.. hehe so good of him..will treat him back when i got money de..Poor him..he's sick and still need to work so long today...Things got better when Jocelyn came..we joked and joked..and she offered to give mi her DOROTHY PERKINS VOUCHER..yeah yeah.. i love it lor.. at first tot she veri ah lian..then i dun like her de..now better liao..coz she came and talk to mi first haha..moral of the story dun judge a book by its cover wor..

Lena came and find mi at my workplace..thks ger.. and she bought a top and a skirt.. tks again.. hope tat she will feel better by going shopping..hey ger dun tink too much k.. things will be better de..and tks to her after she find mi..time seems to pass veri fast..and it was closing time..and as usual we will take all the clothes we wanted to buy and go and try...lolz i tink ive spent too much on clothing this month liao must save save abit...

After work.. was supposed to go home..but to my surprised..FAB came and waited for mi outside my shop which i didnt even know..i got a SHOCK when i saw him..He bought mi a bottle of PINK DOLPHIN..so sweet and thankful to him lei..haha coz he saw it in my blog tat time NELSON is so good to buy mi one..haha He say he wanted to send mi home..but i didnt want so we took a seat at the bus interchange and chatted until 12am then i went home lor..

Been saving money this few days..resulted in waffle for lunch..wanted to save some money..coz i feel dat its gonna be veri stressful for dear.. i feel like a burden to him lor.. coz always he have to pay for mi.. sorry dar..

Anyway im so happy tat tmr i will be working morning.. tks to CITI our poor ger is stuck in JB due to a jam.. but abit sian coz i will be working wit WITCh..arghhh sure cant go home on time de..stupid WITCH...

With Love, 12:11 AM

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