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Sunday, May 22, 2005'♥

Sunday... That marked the end of this week.. hope to end it well.. coz this week was certainly not a good week for mi.. ku guo le hai shi yao zhan qi lai de...so from today onwards..whatever the results of the application is..it wont affect mi anymore le.. yeah...

Met Selyn just now to take the digital cam from her.. haha..tks ah..wanted to borrow it for tmr outing wit my dear..hopefully to our fav place..ESPLANADE wor.. yeah we chatted for awhile in Mac while waiting for her veri veri veri long fillet o Fish... Both of us decided to look for jobs and at the same time maybe take out some course..yeah.. and im happy to see her strong again..we must jia you together rite??? lol.. Going to another job agency on Tuesday ba..anyway i helped u do ur stat counter le..rem to thank mi wor..lol

Time now is 1619... wa..i was busy typing my cover letter and resume..didnt realise it took so long man..apply for a few jobs online le..hopefully got reply ba..coz tonnes of ppl are eyeing for it... tink i would be watching VCD later ba..dear borrow mi a big bag of vcds..my mum see liao..tot i was going to sell it man..lol..

This week is going to be quite a busy week for mi ba.. going out tmr wit dear.. tue going out wit selyn shop shop for sock fang's present (hopefully she wont read this entry) hehe...wed hopefully can go out wit my two precious cousins..and from Thur onwards..its chalet time..yeah.. Gonna celebrate Sock Fang's the blurqueen birthday..gonna stay overnight on Thur and the birthday celebration is on Friday..hopefully dear can go..and MR Nelson will be going too..hahha so long no see le wor..hope we can all enjoy ourselves man..forget the worries and burdens in our hearts....

Anyway Selyn the 4-D the four of us bought rite.. damn it lei.. we missed out one letter its in the consolation prize..6527 came out...it's all my fault.. all the digit came out except mine..pls pls dun blame mi ok...arghhh shld have wrote 7...opppz..maybe Christian realli should'nt be gambling wor..srry GOD..hehe..

With Love, 4:13 PM

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