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Saturday, May 07, 2005'♥

Sometimes You cant realli doubt God's Power...something happen today and i realli feel that God is real.. in the end i did not blame HIM..and maybe everything is GOd's will ba.

Accompany Hk to go Bugis buy her slippers..after that we just simply walked around there..sorry wor..keep having u to pei wor.. saw JEFF WANG AND FIONA XIE..they were shooting the tv programme..well whateever haha..just tat the makeup is super thick lor..now u know y their complexion is so good ba..

Had a minor misunderstanding with Chelsia just now.. i oso dunno y am i so offended becoz of what she say..maybe im actually bothered by what happen in the morning..but manage to clear it up..and we prayed over it..she shall always be my sister and my true frens.. sorry for being so fierce just now.. tink its the first time u saw that..

Been losing control of my emotions recently..either is i cry too much..if not is i get irritated easily.. just left a message in his friendster just now.. typed out all my feelings about our relationship..hopefully by tmr everything will be alright...

After all these incident i realise something.. you can love without giving..but u cant give without loving... u need to give in order to sacrifice..thats what love is all abt.. guys out there..nv ever dun reply ur gf msg..afterall gers are sensitive creatures...

With Love, 12:52 AM

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