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Sunday, May 15, 2005'♥

Raining so heavily when i was going home just now.. lightening flashes..dunno why im scare of lightening de..haha funni rite.. tks elisha for taking cab together wit mi..hehe

Went to watch the movie "Kingdom of Heaven" with Jinchun.. been wanting to watch that show..and after all it worth the $9.50..good show man..if u love watching all those classic war show or history show..like LORD OF THE RING>>KING ARTHUR>>TROY..then pls go and watch this show gave it 4 out of 5 STARS..lol..btw i didnt know that GV got this service..order the cupcorn at the counter they say no more le..so we were like suan le..then they saw its ok we can deliver to ur seats de..diaoz.. like dat oso can..anyway got our cupcorn while watching the movies..ppl were like tinking..wow so big sia..still got delivery service hahaha..dun xie mu wo wor haha

I would like to announce my new hubby for this month... OLANDO BLOOM..oh man..he is so man in that show..and he fits my criteria of having long hair and goatee..oh tai shuai le.. lol..call mi MRS BLOOM from now on.. haha

Well service was great today..so jam packed man..and its so hot queuing at B1..diaoz..talk to Ban Chuan my leader awhile..tink he is a not bad leader ba..but too bad seldom got the time to talk to him..hehe..

Sianz.whole day did not study a single word from the book.. haha self-declared holiday.. arghhhh.. so lan..tmr must jia you le..anyway wanna thks Jin CHun for the movie ticket..haha half la..the cup corn..the drinks..the cab fare...tks for the blessing...lol..ya la MR NICE GUY La..lol

With Love, 12:53 AM

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