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Friday, May 20, 2005'♥

Life indeed is full of uncertainty...what may seems well now.. might not be in the future...

Im super demoralised with the Poly application... what the hell is this?? "Im sorry due to the overwhelming response.... we dun have vacancy left..." so what we ITE students are just RUBBISH... it does'nt matter to them tat we worked so hard for the past two years just to gained entry to tat poly..what's the point of getting good results?? what's the point of topping the class.. it does not matter at all...

Gonna write a letter of appeal..and seriously wanna thank JIN CHUN for it.. he was at HOLLAND V..then he had to get back early to help mi type the letter.. realli blessed to have such a TRUE FREN like him.. and if the appeal letter doesnt work, i tink i will just dropped off this stupid idea and step into the working life.. haiz.. maybe i have realli no fate wit poly ba.. retook the olvls for the second time.. onli to know last min that.the teacher register the wrong syllabus for us.. haha what a joke is this...

Many of us cried.. uncontrollably.. selyn, xiaowei, and i always tot i can hold my tears back.. onli until i talked to Jin chun.. i cried...feeling so demoralised by the whole incident.. what is my whole future gonna be????

With Love, 12:31 AM

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