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Monday, May 16, 2005'♥

Going to have my last paper in the next 10 hrs.. graduating in another 12 hrs..cant believe that 2 years just passed like these.. have alot of happy memories in ITE BISHAN...and honestly..i will sure miss ISB alot..

Went to study in airport with Selyn today.. nothing much.. just wanna thank her for throwing away my overdue hp bill... haha..but in the end lucky we know the M1 cust svc no...manage to pay the bill on time... just wanna tell her tat..ger dun be so paranoid nothing will happen de.. i'll be here for ya..wad r frens for rite??

Tmr last paper le.. so im officially having my Holidays le.. hahaha.. booking starts now!!!!!.... im booked on Wed, coz of nini and aaron bd's celebration.. miss them so much..and not to say my baobei..lol...friday book for cg too... so those who want to book pls start now... strictly by appt onli hahahha...

With Love, 11:09 PM

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