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Wednesday, April 27, 2005'♥

Nothing much to blog abt..im sooooooo happy today.. heheee.. met my dar for dinner.. bought Yoshinoya for him all the way from BISHAN to CLEMENTI hor.. so sweet rite.. then we went walk walk ard coz i wanted to buy gifts for my xiao mei bd tmr.. haha along the shopping.. some incidents happen which i shall not mention it..coz its so embarrasing.anyway i hate the weather today.. its so hot man.. my sweat was like dripping and dripping.. like waterfall...hahaha

anyway tmr we will be going to toa payoh to celebrate mei mei bd..hope everyting will be alright le... and this shall be the last bd that we seven sisters are gonna to celebrate together.. two more weeks to graduations.....haiz....

With Love, 10:34 PM

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