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Sunday, April 17, 2005'♥

God created the Heaven and the Earth and on the Seventh day.. He took a rest and from that day onwards.. The Seventh day is called the Sabbath day.. which is Sunday...

Yupz.. its the Sabbath Day today and im resting and slacking at home since the moment i open my eyes.. read the newspaper.. watch my fav vcd..tian guo de jia yi..seems that ive been promoting this show to everyone on earth.. nice show but abit draggy..Did my tutorials.. research for the projects...and basically i was chatting away on Msn the whole day.. Got a new guy call Eugene msg mi in Skype..and we chatted..so happen he work with Leong in the same company as mechanic.. lol..next time i got car..can ask them to repair for mi le..

Mummy went to Interchange to help mi return the Vcd to sui yi.. (xiao yi).. she worked in Action Videos ma..so everytime got new show she will intro my cousin and mi.. for FREE..muahahha.jealous rite u ppl..lol.. then mummy bought KFC for mi..Oh man.. sinful sinful.. but i nv ate the skin la..onli abit..yes trust mi onli a little big.. arghhh..but then dun eat the CURRY one..not nice de.. eeeeeee.. so regret man..and i feel so bloated now.. keep burping.. help.... its time to run more on tuesday le.. muahahahha

I thank GOD for my life rite now.. and Im happy with what I have... I will hold on to my convictions and beliefs.. and my faith shall not be waivered.. No matter what trials may befall.. i will keep on walking in the tunnel of darknes..until i found the light.....

With Love, 11:00 PM

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