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Tuesday, April 12, 2005'♥

Did not had a great start today.. Went to the bank to cashed in my bursary cheque in the morning.. then i realise something.. damn it i did not bring my farecard...time was running late.. and i got a talk in sch.. so i did not went back home to take it.. but later i felt regret of not doing so...

I went to the 7-11 to buy some sweets so as to have some loose change for the bus.. total have 1.60 tink it should be more than enough.. then went to take bus 12.. gave 55 cents and the bus driver look at mi.. where is ur bus pass? i told him i forgot to bring tats y i gave coins ma.. then he say sorry it should be 80 cents.. I was furious lor.. come on lor im in uniform..isn't this the best proof that im a student. if he want i dun mind give him see my text book lor.. then he say sorry hor its the rules.. damn it i was so angry and mad.. die liao lor.. so im left wit 80 cents... if such a short dist requires 80 cents then go BISHAN more worse lor.. Alighted at the ulu busstop.. hope to find someone to change coins wit mi.. but no one.. miss the bus 53..i was tinking whether to take cab anot..but not worth it lor.. i stood there like a fool..damn it.. then a uncle come i quickly go over and change wit him.. but he dun have.. how bad can my day be????want go sch oso cant..haiz.. then he found 80 cents in his pocket and he gave mi.. wow i realli want to thank him lor..when he go le he still say bye bye to mi..such a good uncle..in the end the bus trip was 1.50...haiz..spent so much just to go BISHAN..

Secretaries from SAPES came to our sch to give a talk.. not bad la..coz no need to have PE ma.. hahaha.. so basically today go sch do nothing de.. then after sch mit SELINE we go BUGIS to walk walk.. then go SEIYU..guess wad..they having their D&D.. i just step in...and we are chased out..damn it..so suay..BUGIS without SEIYU..is soo boring..so no place to walk..we go to sit down near the cinema and chat chat..then went down to mit my cousin MI JIE..

We going to eat steamboat together..wooo..shiok man..walk here and there..cant find..then call my informant....diaoz so in the end its so near yet so far..just tat they change the name...duhz... its a shanghai steamboat.. got the spicy chicken soup..veri special.. we ate from 6.45-8.45 like dat.. wooo..chatted and chatted..until we r so bloated man.. lol.. i delcare SELYN YAP as the champion.. non-stop lor.. muahaha...nv say die spirit..

after eating went back home le.. going to watch my VCD le.. muahaha.. lucky MI JIE remb to bring... pray hard that tmr RAJES not coming sch.. coz she say she got doc appt..then shiok man..no school hahaha.. k la..tired le.. DA DAO RI BEN>>>DA DAO RI BEN.. muahahahh

With Love, 10:41 PM

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