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Friday, September 17, 2004'♥

Song Im listening to: when love and hate collide

This song is last time that Ivan send mi de...haiz so long liao... its been five months liao.. time realli pass veri fast lor...

yst went to mit Kelvin my god bro to la kopi i was late lor.. stupid bus la.. then he nag and nag.. haha he ask mi y i so gd ask him out,,, I say i veri stress lor need to relax abit.So bad of him. say i always gt problems then ask him out de ...hehe actually its the truth dunno y i got problems always tink of him.. maybe becoz he is younger than mi muahaha...we act high class lor haha we went to Starbucks.. Order a pasta salad... and my fav frappucino Rhumba,,, i go there onli drink these nia.. for ur info.. nxt time dun go and oreder the pasta salad... it suckz... not nice de.. nearly puke hahah.. Kelvin veri siao wan lor.. the drink oredi got whipped cream he still go and ask for one more small cup of it.. eeeeee.. sooo er xing... well sit there and chat lor.. I got bring the laptop ma.. so we surf net there... haiz too bad there veri cold.. so after awhile we went out of that place.. and go shop shop ard....chat a lot abt his poly life and a ger he likes.. haha. so gd man at least he got a target.. and motivation to go school.. mi lei.. no one i like at all.. sianz.. then we tok abt kissing.. haha stupid hor.. then he say he abt a yr plus nv kiss ppl.. for mi ard 5 mths ba..forgot the feeling liao hahahahaha...

Chat with dexun at msn,, i tink i siao liao.. keep sayin stupid things to him lor.. Then he say he tired liao wan slp.. so offline liao.. then suddenly my hp ring adn he call mi hahah stupid lor.. scare mi sia.. then chat abt an hr.. he realli cannot tahan liao.. somemore still have to work so i let him off le.... kan ni ke lian hor...anyway i enjoy myself yst.. totally nv study at all.. but i tink i have relax enough liao.. so tonite got to study abit liao..

going out soon wit the 6 sister?? 6?? haha czo poor emerly msg mi jux now say she sick ad vomitted.. vomit?? she is pregnant?? haha no la .. so ger u betta rest well and take care wor.. dun worry we will show u the receipt de.. muahhahha...k buai buai

With Love, 1:29 PM

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