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Sunday, September 05, 2004'♥

SOng Im ListeninG to: none

Was at home the whole day// doing nothing// So sianz of my life rite now.. He called mi again sayin how much he love me.. haiz but all these to mi is BULLSHIT..I dun believe that a person can fall in love wit a ger so fast.. jux a few days nia..He confess that he lied to mi abt somethin//Lucky he was honest enough..I hate ppl who lied to mi...I feel that liars sucks..

Its been a few days since I last chatted wit him..coz both of us r busy..Saw him online today.somehow the feeling is different..its like so distant and cold..haiz// y do things turn out like dat.. I realli dun understand what im thinkin man..

Kelvin sign up in friendster and wrote in the whole account how I knew him, y he like mi..haiz he even put the picture i took wit him..but i told him I mind lor coz ppl will tink that I now wit him.. he like nt veri happy haiz...

Y suddenly got all these relationship problem.. I feel so bad man,, Ada was askin mi who would I choose.. I tink in the end I will choose none.. not becoz they not good but becoz I tink im nt ready ba... tink if now I was like last time I surely straight away stead wit one of them,, but i tink i now older le ba.. Before startin a relationship i will tink here and there.. No faith in guys ba.. Ada say ive changed liao.. I oso tink so maybe once bitten twice shy ba..Although sometimes I wish that there will be a guy for mi to hug.. be wit mi, dote on mi.. But I realli dun wan to make another mistake..hehe i tink im a nuts writing all these...

With Love, 9:16 PM

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