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Wednesday, September 15, 2004'♥

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I spent my whole afternoon changing my blogskin.. haiz so sick of that pervious wan.. humans r like dat...always nt satisfied.. when new things come.. will tend to discard the old things haha.. chat wit yao at msn jux now.. today yaya abt his stupid microphone.. keep singing...*ARGH* STOP KILLING MI WIT UR VOICE WILL YA!!! hahahahah.. Im waiting for him to nuy a mic for mi man.. welll.. did nothign the whole afternoon.. so sianz..

Wad am I doing man.. I suppose to be out there studying.. here I am spending the whole afternoon slacking.. where is all the motivation.. took out the notes and its still there lyin at the same position.. Stupid Shirley.. u got to do something quick.. times is running out.. stop all this nonsense!!!!!!! and where are u now??? still at chapter one!!! stupid gong gong...

Later im going to cg.. I hope Chelsia will remember to bring laptop.. coz need to borrow from her to do my assignment.. haiz.. seems like i had not enough time liao.. Kill mi Ba!!!!!!thks ah chelsia sorry for all the troubles.. xin ku ni le.. k la i better go dig my head into the notes.... NO time liao....

With Love, 1:51 PM

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