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Friday, September 17, 2004'♥

Song Im listening to: Dont say goodbye by xu ru yun..

Stupid dexun I tink he angry wit mi lor.. nv reply my msg.. wa lao so xiao qi i onli forgot reply then he say i tao.. haiz.. gong gong him..

went out wit the 6 sisters jux now// JESSIE, xw, steph, gilyn and hk... we went to take photos the whole evening.. from Esplanade, Merlion, Fullerton Hotel (toilet hah), Cavengah bridge and lastly Boat quay... the night secenery realli veri nice.. hmm i tink tis time we nv took so much pic ba.. but i knw i sure gt a lot of photos de.. so be prepared to pay alot ba..

Well a day jux passed by so quickly.. Kelvin called mi say he moving back to Redhill liao.. his mum sold the flat away.. haiz poor him lor.. but at least he move back Redhill got more freedom ba.. haiz i tink his grandma veri bad lor.. all becoz of her they have to move.. so tis sunday nt mitin him watch movie liao.. -_-...

Dunno y I feel that guys always break their promises.. this minute they say the love u veri much.. and when u reject them.. they str away go find another target.. sian lei.. y mux be so practical???? One of them is davin lor.. got stead need to call mi and yaya wan de ma?? stupid.. haiz..

K la mi veri tired liao.. after walkin the whole day.. and im so sleepy liao... tmr im going church.. stupid lor have to bring the stupid laptop all the way there to return to chelsia.. haiz.. as for kelvin and JESSIE.. bear wit it for a moment ba..bei xiang na me duo le..

With Love, 11:14 PM

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