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Monday, August 02, 2004'♥

SOng IM LIstening To: Within Ur remain by usual suspect

Wa whole day raining man, so cold haha... today time pass quite fast... at ENT the whole period.. we were doing the set up cost of our shop man.. keep calculating..until now my brain all full of amt... feel like doing accounting again... haiz... today Andrew keep asking mi am i angry wit him? i tink he siao liao.... today went to library to watch the show MOnster INC.. haha so funny lor.. its a cartoon haha.. and the little ger si so bubu wan...finally manage to survive thru today,,, jux now in the bus going hm my gastric so pain sia.. luckily after while ok le...

Saw 2phat outside my school today again.. hah tink he is waiting for someone maybe some chio bu ba.. tat day he say mi veri tao.. nv tok to him.. so today i purposly go in front of him to smile at him hahaha.. second time he see mi sso no image liao.. wearing that stupid sch u... haha... after sch nv go where... reach hm liao still have to rush that ENT project.. dunno y our class so stress.. seline's class did nothing wan lor until now they haven even start a thing yet.. haiz.. tong ren bu tong ming man... realli hope weekend faster cum man.. haha got a lot of things to do lor.. hehe..

With Love, 8:56 PM

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