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Monday, August 09, 2004'♥

Song Im LIstening To: none

Juz got hm man.. I was damn tired.. realli lor.. almost fell asleep in John's car...I was out the whole day since 10am... haiz.. been to alot of places today...WEnt to did my hair in the first palce.. hmm quite happy wit it.. but too bad my hair nt long enough to curl.. after that rush down to church lor.. quite nervous... coz I so long nv go back liao.. Went to the toilet and saw Astoria they all.. wow realli long time nv see them liao.. then wait for that Christine lor.. so late man.. luckily when we went down the ceremony haven start.. Hmmm the ceremony started wit praise and worship.. during worship time tears roll down lor.. haiz too long nv go back liao.. Bro Ian was so nervous lei.. can see frm his face.. haha then sis Tammy was so pretty. when I see them botth exchange vow..it was so touching.. haha i tink a lot of ppl cried.. Hmm Andrea de cruz was there.. wow so chio man...

Then went up to the reception..Saw Javier they all.. wow it was like a reunion.. we took alot of photos will upload it when that miss christine send mi.. hmm but throughtout the day I nv tok much to my own member.. it was like veri awkward.. ERIC ask mi to join his cell group... but I am still deciding.. hahaha.. veri luan ba.. Today whole day veri shuang keep sitting cab nv took bus lor.. coz ERIC treat ma.. then went to seline's hse.. after that we went to watch movie.. wit shi hui they all.. HAiz for ur info dun go and watch the village.. it was nt nice lor.. so sian the whole thing..haiz make mi wanna slp liao...then after that we went to Shaw House at Beach road to watch fire work... the car park was like so eerie.. eee.. then the building so old.. then that seline's bf nelson cum and scared us... so in the end we missed part of the firework..darn it.. but still manage to see some of it.. wow so nice wor...Then we went to Tiong Baru hawker to eat.. Saw ying ying there and her bf... haiz she told mi that she quitted poly,, sian.. so wasted lei.. haiz.. dunno her la she like change to another person since she is with rong hui....hope one day she will change back...

Sian tinking of tmr.. I feel like slpin liao.. dun realli feel like gg sch tmr.. I decided to miss one lesson liao.. haha dun care so much.. I need to ZZZZZZZ... k la mi wan go bath then ZZZZZ tks mumi for the water chesnut drink...

With Love, 10:47 PM

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