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Thursday, August 19, 2004'♥

Song Im LIstening To: Need you here by Hillsongs


Well Im so tried lor... School starts early today and the most power thing is We went outside the school to the park to run 1.6km.. I was so sianz when I heard this news man..I ran with Syafiqah..she is a great motivator..We ran and ran non-stop until the turning point then I decided to take a rest and walk.. I realli running out of breath liao... When I was reaching the finishing point..My classmates were cheering for mi.. I was so touched..I decided to spring... And I realise I can still run lor..Jux tat I am not willing to run..

This principle same applies to life..Its llke having a goal and running towards it but often we r too lazy to try our best..In our mind the carnal mindset is askin us to quit and sit in our comfort zone..When we do so we will not grow and becum stagnant...And in the end we dun even have the mentality to try anymore... nothing is impossible in this world.. as long u r willing to humble urself and try there will be one day that you will succeed. Every failure is a lesson learnt...

Wow I oso dunno y i suddenly think of all these anyway in the end I pass my 1.6.. Teacher expected 18 mins.. and I came in 15.4mins.. maybe to u guys this timing is nothing.. but to mi.. I learn something lor... I can be better,,I had a feeling of satisfaction...haha

Enough of my running le sorrie to bored u guys...well after sch I went for bible study today.. Yes I learn alot of things.. and I wanna thank Eric lor..He is having diarrhoea and he still make an effort to give us BS.. After dinner went for dinner nearby// had a great time of fellowshiping// :)

With Love, 8:42 PM

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