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Monday, August 16, 2004'♥

Song Im Listening TO: Ecstacy

The day that I've been worrying has finally came....After this month, my mum won't be looking after Weisi anymore... Her dad says his friends will be looking after them. Haiz this means my mum monthly income will be reduced. Now is back to the thrifty time again,, and I definetely will miss her alot. She is so cute and I've been with her for 2 years plus liao..realli can't bear to leave her..she is my bubu..

Suppose to go Swensen today.. everyone is so excited coz got promotion ma.. 5 scoops of ice cream for 1.40.. well its onli until 5pm.. haiz by the time we reach there is oredi 4.50 liao.. someemore the queue is so long.. miss the chance lor.. and went to mac buy fries with hwee koong..

Haiz think I'm having depression again.. exams all coming one by one and somemore I have 3 projects on hand,,, I realli need a break man,, If everything is sucessful, I will be going back Batam this Friday... I realli hate my life rite now... I dunno when will I explode...

To gong gong.. haha i will treat u ice cream wan lor.. dun worry..

With Love, 9:14 PM

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