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Tuesday, July 27, 2004'♥

Song Im Listening To: My Happy ending by Avril Lavringe

Hmmmm.. actually time pass veri quickly today.. before I knew it, it was last period liao.. veri sian lei the whole day... nv wait for seline after sch today... Nothing much happen in sch today.. guess its becoz no entrepreneur class ba.. haha so today can take a break lor..

Yst Steven come my house downstairs...mit mi.. pass mi his wedding invitation card... haiz.. When I see liao.. all my memories of mi and him flood back to my mind man.. Wedding at 15 October.. he ask mi cfm mux go.. haiz.. dunno whether shld I go ma.. He is my first stead lei.. last time still young... My feelings?? Abit happy for him but oso abit surprise ba.. So long liao nv expect him to still remember mi.. wonder did he invite all his ex?? muahahaa.. Anyway its still long la.. got a lot of time to decide.. A few of my frens ask mi to go and bring a bf and yaya to him.. haiz wads the use la.... in the end it jux to show offf nia.. suan le dun tink of it liao,,Hmmm... wish him all the best ba..

With Love, 6:45 PM

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