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Friday, July 30, 2004'♥

Song Im listening To: Time by Pinball

Dunno why toay when i woke up.. I suddenly miss my god-brother Yong shun alot... so long nv see him liao dunno how is he liao.. I miss the time then we r together.. especially working together, after work we will go sun plaza park, the time I cried on his shoulder, the time we go church, all the memories kept fooding to my mind.. He is always there to listen to my problems,, he knew all my secrets...But now we cant be the same like last time again... all becoz of one mistake he made..The last time we went out together was on his birthday.. since then.. i can onli go his shop and tok to him,, onli that pathetic 5 mins.. he had totally change to becum another person... I know not onli I miss him wang they all sure miss him too,, we try all our ways to ask him cum back.... but he did not even bother to save himself how r we suppose to save him... sob sob..I cried everytime when I thought of that... Although he was jux my god brother,,, but we had those kind of infinity, I treated him as my real brother.. frankly speaking i nv felt that much for Kelvin lor.. If u ask mi who do I hate, I can onli tell u the person is MARK!!!!!!... I hate u for ruining shun's life, I hate u for influencing him, I hate u coz u broke the friendship of wang and shun, I hate u, u make mi miss shun so much.... and if u ask mi wad is a mistake that i've done.. that is I nv control Ys, let him know Mark is the biggest mistake in my life!!!!
Tmr I'll miting seline go Bugis... I tink I will go find him and this time I dun care what the stupid Mark is saying Im going to tok to YS alone... I had so much to tell him...  

Nothign much happen today,,, excpet that jean yeo scold the whole class.. say we had bad behaviour man.. wtf is she herself deaf hor... dunno la she tok so fast as if wan to catch MRT home like dat,,, she tink we tian cai ah.. have to take notes and listen to her lecture at the same time...then tell her then she give wad stupid attitude... haiz.. sian la... Elise kanna condemn by her whole project group.. haiz she so poor thing.. I can see that she is tryiong to change her attitude.. It's jux one mistake and ppl remember it for a life time.. cant we ppl be more forgiving and give ppl another chance,,,Dunno wad this wrld is coming to, Where is the love??

With Love, 5:16 PM

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