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Tuesday, July 06, 2004'♥

Song Im Listening To: If ur Not the one by Daniel Battingfield

Wooh... Finally two days of orientation has finished... wa.. damn tired man.. lol.. veri happy to take class ISR.. they r veri gd man.. alaways listen to my instruction.. especially Alvina, Li wei, Rabiah.. haha glad to be their Bridge Leader man.. have fun these two days.. but its tiring lor.. so fast 2 days have passed.. but when i see them won the telematch i realli feel a sense of satisfaction lor.. they are like my babies.. haha see them all enjoy themselves.. in my heart i oso feel veri happy// hope when i see them in sch they will still remember mi man.. lol

hmmmm realli veri busy these two days man.. i realli miss my classmates.. and my teahcer.. veri sad to hear that MR Chua is leaving the sch... SOb SOB.. nearly cried out when i knew the news.. haiz.. he is going to migrate to Perth.. and stay there forever.. sob sob.. and becum a lecturer in an univerisity.. i realli miss the times that we always make him angry.. quarrel wit him.. although we all nv say out but i knw in our heart we will all miss him man.. left 2 more weeks wit him.. i promise not to make him angry anymore.. dun scold him gong gong anymore.. lol.. thru this incident make mi realise that we realli need to cherish the ppl besides us.. u'll nv knw when they will leave us///

With Love, 7:04 PM

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