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Friday, July 09, 2004'♥

Song Im Listening To: Jiu Shi Ai By Jolin Cai

School finish veri early today.. so steph, koong, jessie and mi went to IKEA.. we wanted to buy a present for our form teacher lor.. we decided to buy a bottle and put all our messages for him inside.. after the lunch when we r abt to go.. Christine call mi lor.. she tell mi that i left my keys at my locker lor.. -_- y i so forgettful wan.. haiz so paiseh still have to let her suan.. but luckily she found it lor if other ppl i tink my locker dun need to open liao hahaha..

Wa.. IKEA alot of things to buy lei so tempting lor.. coz the things r nice and cheap lor. we bought a bottle and some glass pebbles.. to decorate it..hope AH CHUA will like it haha,,next week is his last day liao.. dunno whether i will cry anot haiz.. been trying to hold back my emotion lor.. whenever we tok to him.. haiz.. after IKEA we went to Queensway Shopping.. haiz nothing to buy lor. jux walk ard.. then after that took bus 14 go hm lor.. wa damn long lor.. mi and hwee koong chat along the way.. can u imagine how long we chat?? haha 2hrs lor.. stupid bus lor.. haha..poor jing jie.. his lorry go for servicing at TUAS,,, haha he cant go home until 8pm.. lol have to feed mosquitoes there.. i guess the mosquitos are damn lucky lor.. hahahahah
sian lei MDM RAJES gave alot of keyboarding skills homework to go lor.. 22 exercise lei each 30 lines.. i think my fingers will cramp lor.. zzz poor mi no life man..

Steven keep calling mi to go out wit him tmr lor.. but i dun wan.. coz veri sianz nothing to tok lei.. then i lie to him say need to do project.. hahahaah so bad of mi man.. k la mi gt to go start doing my pathetic keyboarding homework liao... buai buai and dun miss mi ok muahahaa

With Love, 9:05 PM

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