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Tuesday, June 08, 2004'♥

Song I'm Listening To: Be My Lover By dunno wHO

Can see from the heading what i did today in the office.. yes sorting, sorting and still sorting.. i've been sorting out all the fax message of the different projects since the morning..and onli manage to finish it at abt 4.30pm.. can imagine hw much paper i sorted?? it's like a mountain,,, pity i dun have a digi cam wit mi.. if not can let u see my whole surrounding is full of paper even the FLOOR!!! My company did a lot of project be4 so i tink i have sorted out more than 30 companies fax message today -_-.. but although its boring lor and my eyes are realli tired.. it's better than filling and oso the time passed veri fast today.. hope she won ask mi to file wad i sort tmr.. if nt i will realli faint..

Went to lunch wit my supervisor onli.. coz the other auntie went out.. nv expect that auntie actually is the board of director.. she is the sis of my boss..-_- first day saw her i tink she veri yaya.. haha now cant think that way liao.. ppl BOD lei.. tok more wit my supervisor think she nt a bad person she today buy mangosteen for us to eat.. my mum tink i wk in a fruit shop man, everyday gt free fruits hahah.. and when she ask mi do something she nv give dateline one..hehe but dun say too soon.. suddenly her tail haven show out haha..

Went to find Seline after wk.. we went to KFC to have dinner.. i tink im growing fatter again liao.. cannot i cant afford to do that...i tink i cant eat lunch liao...hopethe miss lim can let mi stay at office tmr during lunch time hehe...so tired esp the eyes.. realli lookin forward to weekend.. aud ask mi go ladies nite tmr.. haiz dun say ladies nite ask mi go town i oso veri sian liao.. everyday wk until wan die le..haha

With Love, 8:58 PM

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