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Tuesday, June 29, 2004'♥

Song I'm Listening to: Colours of the wind

after work went to find seline ane we go bedok to mit the rest coz today we r celebrating shi hui and baby bear bf John"s birthday... went to shi hui's mother stall to eat zhi cha..wa so full man.. the food was yummy esp the sting ray.. poor seline have to go on vegetarian for 49 days.. lol at the end baby bear bf sent us hm lor.. veri thankful to him man..overall the dinner was fun haha will upload the pic soon as seline sent mi..

haha jux nw tok to david until half the line was cut off.. in the end then i knw half of singapore was blackout.. esp the west side.. lol tampines is da best nt affected man.. lol now then i find fan is better haha..all the best to audrey who r still stuck in the black out...all the best ger.. haha im so bad..

k la 3 more days to go on man,,, attachment finally finishin soon man.. yeah..

With Love, 11:38 PM

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