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Saturday, June 05, 2004'♥

Song I'm Listening To: May it be by Enya

Wake up veri early today// mainly its becoz Sharon msg mi jux now..she ask mi whether i want to go back church today// haiz too bad im going out wit Audrey they all today lei.. maybe nxt wk ba.. realli surprise that she will msg mi today...

My motive of waking up so early is to make pizza.. haha surprise rite..shirley knw hw to make pizza// lol// jux a simple one la..coz i learn from Audrey one..everything went on well.. except i BROKE a bottle of Ketchup// :{ so sad.. have to wipe here and there somemore have to clear away the broken glass..sianz.. i knw i veri clumsy la..haiz... so stupid of mi lor.. but in the end my pizza turns out well..haha yummy!!! did 2 for mu parents too.. and my mum did not scold mi haha heng ah///

okok let u c how my pizza looks like ba.... mi got to go out le.. write again tmr ba..lol

With Love, 2:30 PM

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