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Friday, June 04, 2004'♥

Song Im Lsiening To: NoNe

Today did nothing lor... jux stay at home the whole day// muz save money for tmr ma.. somemore veri tired lei.. nothing to do so jux now take out the otto foot reflexlogy to do lor.. wa veri relaxintg sia... haha.. the paper say can slim down wan..i tink bull shit lor/. haha

chat wit audrey jux now.. haha long time nv chat wit her so long liao.. she even book mi for countdown this yr haha///tmr miting her and joycelyn for dinner and clubbing,,hope everythhing turns out fine....dunno going where to club i tink its china black or MU ba...

my life today is sooooo boring.. so nothing much to say le haah.. tmr going to make pizza.. hope it will be nice.. hahaha k la.. need to go watch tv liao.. buai buai

With Love, 10:57 PM

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