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Friday, June 18, 2004'♥

Song I'm Listening To: 7years and 50 days by Groove coverage

nothing much happen today except i nv went luch again.. they all tink im dieting man.. haha no lor is no mood.. see so many things haven do finish no mood eat sia... haiz.. another day passed by so quickly... feeling a bit sick though i oso dunno y...

The feeling of missing someone is so tormenting... realli.. especially when u are waiting for him to msg u.. u keep thinking wad is he doing now.. haiz the feeling sucks lor.. u wanted to call him but u dun wan to show u so desperate... haiz. i like him but he tell mi be4 he dun wanna have any commitments rite now.. he wan to focus on his career.. i always wanted to tell him that i have fallen in love wit him but i knw we won be together,, y?? y is this like dat?? dunno y i tink from now on i have to restrict myself for being hurt again..

i hate myself for fallin in love so easy.. i mux nt be softhearted.. tmr i wan to enjoy myself.... play as if there is no tmr.. i wan to escape.. escape from all these problems.........

With Love, 8:35 PM

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