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Saturday, May 29, 2004'♥

Song I'm Listening to: 7years and 50days by Groove Coverage

Went to Audrey's house yst stay overnight coz her parents were away for holidays...we waited for Tricia to come then we went clubbing..sianz it was raining so we took a cab to Orchard.. sianz lor the jam so long and we need to reach Chinabalck early so as to get free entry...but when we reach there the queue was oredi veri long liao..Saw Kelvin's Stephanie ex there, Nash fren Cindy..so many familiar faces there.. so we queue and queue in the end we queue for an hour plus,,and know wad?? the free entry was over..-_-

In the end we went to Devil's Bar lor.. onli $12 nia..and got one free drink.. alot of ppl lor..and the crowd there quite old wan u can see aunties and uncles damcing haha..can see some guys dance until so action packed lor.. like matrix haha but overall the crowd was spontaneous...dance and dance for 4hrs..until our leg ache so much haha..then Audrey spotted this guy in white shirt,,he invite her to dance at the bar top but she act shy lor,,up till now she still of him..i tink she regret nt going up haha...

We reach Audrey's home at abt 4am then took turn to bath.. then we ate our Audrey's home made pizaas,,,lol it was delicious!!! but we r so sleepy and tired man.. in the end we slapt at 6am..realli veri tired lor..

This morning we woke up at 11am -_- so sleepy..yawnz..and help them make breakfast.. and we played monopoly..times realli flies..and we all need to go home liao..Overall it was veri fun lor to live with frens together,, realli cant bear to leave the house.. but no choice lei.. hope nxt time still gt the chance..haha

With Love, 8:01 PM

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